Here is my resume. You can download a more detailed copy of my resume here in a PDF format. Updated Regularly.



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Production Experience:

“Ashes” Short Film Grace Gao/Briana Man Steadicam Alexa Mini
“Birthday” Short Film Hongshi Zhong/Briana Man Steadicam Alexa Mini
“Wise Up” Short Film Jacob Bittens/Cory Maffucci Steadicam Sony F5
Louie’s Brother Peter Short Film Steven Carmona Steadicam Arri Alexa
“How Far” Tei Shi Music Video Jonatan Lopez/Adrian Arredondo Steadicam Alexa Mini
“DIANE” Feature Kent Jones/ Steadicam Alexa Mini
“FIRE” Music Video Patricia Arzimanoglou/Rony Portillo Steadicam Alexa Mini
NYPD Recruitment Interactive video Dewey Moss/David Pinkston Steadicam RED Dragon
“Blind Spots” for PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Video Dewey Moss/David Pinkston Steadicam Sony F5
Esperanza Gaze Short Film Allie Avital/Ashley Connor Steadicam Arri Alexa
Wild ‘N on Tour w/Nick Cannon TV Show Jay Chapman/Jordan Crafton Camera Operator Sony F55
Black Girl Movement Documentary Yvonne Shirley/Jamal Soloman Steadicam Canon C300
After Party Feature Amos Posner/Chloe Smolkin Steadicam ARRI Alexa M
Lost and Found Short Film Hoai-Hoang Tran/Dominic Miller Steadicam Sony FS7
Yoko Ono and Plastic Ono Band Live Concert Alexander Haessner Steadicam RED Epic
Where Help is, Where Hope Lives Documentary Mark Durand/Devin Pickering Steadicam Sony FS100
Blood and Water Short Film Brian Blum/Hamilton Yu Steadicam RED Dragon
Prince Fashion Commercial John Heaney/Joseph Daniele Steadicam Sony FS700
Wildflower Short Film Terence Nance Steadicam Panasonic GH4
PROJECT RE:USE, Williamsburg Saving Bank Web Series Jeff Pinilla/Rick Sarmiento Steadicam Canon C300
Bagel World Commercial Devin Pickering/ Francesco Cordaro Steadicam Sony FS100
“My Babae” ft. DASH Music Video Eugene Yu Steadicam Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera
NJENA REDDD FOXX “NEEDFUL THINGS” Music Video  Dan Gutt Steadicam RED Scarlet
Visual Narrative Project: The Dance Short Film  Zev Vel/John Hudak jr. Steadicam RED Scarlet
Henley Vapor Cigerettes Commercial Mike Relm/Paul M Ellington Steadicam RED Epic
“Movement to Contact” PSA Michael Brown/

Zachary Halberd

Steadicam RED Scarlet
Pirelli World Challenge TV Broadcast Speedcast TV Camera Operator

Sony PMW-EX3

Saks Fifth Avenue & Christian Louboutin Present ‘Just a Dream’ Commercial  Benoit Tételin/Ramon J. Goni Steadicam Canon 5D Mark III
LINDA FARROW + BOFFO Short Film  Ramon J. Goni/Andrew Nisinson Steadicam RED Epic
“Spiders” Music Video  Yuxin Huang/Alexa Wolf Steadicam Nikon d800
Orlando Live Web series  Shaun Trout/Jason Mathis Camera Operator Sony HDW F900, Sony HDC1000
Love Lost Short film  Meredith Kisgen/Kyle McQueen Camera Operator ARRI Studio, ARRI Lite
The Charmed Quill Short Film  Jeremiah Heberly/Robert Ko Camera Operator ARRI SR3